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  1. I am in the food manufacturing industry. We have windows of what we call downtime to be able to actually maintain our equipment, and the rest of the time we perform inspections so that we can hopefully catch impending failures to address on the upcoming downtime. A lot of folks are still struggling with the value of inspecting equipment. They would rather put out the fire. It makes scheduling quite the adventure! The company that I work for is a Global Food Manufacturing Company. Regards, Lorna
  2. Greetings fellow Maintenance Management professionals. I am here to share and to learn as much as I can so that I can improve my skills doing the jobs that I love. I've been a planner scheduler for 5 years and enjoy the daily challenges of creating a reliability program in a reactive environment. We use SAP here, and I'm sure we can use it better than what we currently do, so that's another subject that I am exploring.
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