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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, I am (Ir) WCSoh from Malaysia, and I considered myself semi-retired. Instead of retiring, I decide to share my life long technical knowledge and business knowledge in the field of Industrial Maintenance, Repair & Overhauls, Customised Machine and Jigs design and years of experiences in operating and owning Engineering Job Shops. Startups and young entrepreneurs and engineers who are keen in this field of maintenance, reliability and asset management are welcome to contact me. For the next few years, my current workshops and facilities including archived technical and record library will be available. Over the years, I realised that random failure is merely a lack of knowledge or information, oversight or abuse. Machinery failures continue to happen and will continue to crop up as long as human are involved in the life cycle of plants and equipment. Further, actual scope and details of overhauling and repairs always vary from job to job even if they looks similar. Wears, deteriorations, imperfections are never consistently similar. Many IMRO vendors do not keep detail records of work done and are not aware of problems or repairs history of the equipment. Different vendors may be involved at each tendered overhauling or repair job of the same equipment. Thank you, and looking forward to participate towards the mutual growth of all menbers in the community.
  2. For more details on failure patterns read the article Principles of Modern Maintenance or better read John Moubray's RCMII book.

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