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PPM Backlog

Derek Brown


Hi All,

Just wanted to get your thoughts on Pm Backlog and your experience of them (if you have had such experiences)

Currently on my plant we have a perpetual backlog of PM's typically because the plant was built on the cheap and little redundancy built-in, meaning that PM's have to be done during shut-downs, which we typically never get through. Management are also nervous about doing PM's on the run in case we trip the plant which is pretty frustrating.

Just wondered if anyone else had this issue and if so, how did you manage to overcome it.



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Derek, do you see failures as a result of not getting your PMs done? If not they are probably not that effective anyway. 
always present the consequences and slope the decision to not do PMs to management. This can easily change their decision. Good luck. 

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Hi all,

I agree with @Tyler Helm.

Given the circumstances, one out of these three situations are probably happening to your PM program:

a) Ineffective PM program: This is when you have a PM program that, although it has not been executed, which leads to a high backlog, does not lead the plant to failures events and breakdowns. If you cannot notice consistent production losses, then this may be your case. Reviewing the PM program is necessary;

b) Effective PM program with poor compliance: This can be easily noticed when you have different several breadown events that could be avoided if the PM program had been done. In this case, try to measure the consequences of such failures by using KPIs, such as maintenance costs, availability, as well as revenue losses (contribution margin of the product [ $ ] X production losses [ ton ] );

c) A combination of both scenarios above: This can be a little more difficult sometimes, as it can be confusing. Try to stay away from the daily routine and emotions, while using as much data as you can to see where you should really focus on. When this occurs, part of your PM program can be effective, while another part is ineffective. Try to identify the opportunities and work on that.



Raul Martins

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