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I have been a maintenance planner for 4 years now. My background is I am a welder by trade since 1992 and a millwright since 2000. I have worked in many industries from feed silo maintenance and construction, underground mining (working 5,000 feet under ground), working with fisheries Canada to retrofit and repair Canadian Coast Guard Ice Breakers, working in the textile industry repairing machinery and aerospace and defence. I served in the Canadian Armed Forces from June 1984 to August 1990 with the 2nd Battalion, Royal Canadian Regiment, I did 1 tour in Cyprus, 1 tour in the Congo and 1 year in Lahr Germany, served 2 years with the Canadian Airborne Regiment in 3 Commando. I am currently working for Farm Boy Canada (www.farmboy.ca) and I am responsible for the maintenance for the 29 stores (with 4 maintenance techs under my belt) and 2 distribution centers (1 in Ottawa and 1 in Toronto) and I also do store maintenance inspections, we will be adding another 18 stores starting in 2020 bringing the total stores under me to 47.



Ted Harris

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Hi @Erik, the major issues we have here at Farm Boy is keeping up with tile repairs on the floors, we have 2 departments Central Kitchen and Central Meat, when the tiles wear down, break, grout missing it takes a lot of coordination with the contractor and kitchen or meat manager to set the time to do this as its a big job removing tiles, drying the floor, redoing the mud and setting the tiles and then grouting the retiled area with the proper grout all the while doing production during the day, sanitary services at overnights and repairs in-between those 2 times, usually about 6 hours max to 4 hours min...….timing is essential when repairs are done during the day due to break downs and production is in full tilt...……..it can be very demanding at times.

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There is and we are working towards that, the problem is this distribution center is the only one for all 29 stores so if production is down the stores do not get their product...…...we are currently building a 2nd distribution center in Toronto and it goes into production September 202...……….so until then its a daily dance of timing.

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