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Preventive Maintenance plan for rotating equipment


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I want to write a detailed project on preventive maintenance plan for rotating equipment such as centrifugal and positive displacement pumps, gas turbines, diesel engines in an oil and gas facility. Please I need template, resource material, suggestions and direction go about this project

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Hi @Engrjoe,

Creating a PM program is not an easy task, but it is definetely worthwhile!

Some Reliability techniques are really useful to support you on this project, such as FMEA/FMECA and RCM. There are many possible resources where you can find helpful information, I will leave three of them below:

- "Failure Mode and Effect Analysis: Fmea from Theory to Execution", by D. H. Stamatis;

- "Reliability-Centered Maintenance - Second Edition", by John Moubray;

- Another great source with many concepts is the "Preventive Maintenance" area of the community, where you can find many articles written by @Erik Hupje that will help you.

Personally, I like to use FMEA, as analyse the failure modes and effects of your assets, as well as risk, something that has to be taken into account when we create a PM program. If you decide to use FMEA to help you out, using work history and data books will also be really helpful.

In terms of rotating equipment, using predictive maintenance, such as vibration analysis, might be a great help. However, this can be discussed when you are creating your FMEA.



Raul Martins

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Hi @Engrjoe you can use this link to download a FMEA template

Its a template that I had intended to complete and provide in additional to my article on FMEAs: Why the Heck is My Equipment Not Reliable?

Unfortunately I just never got round to including it in the article but will get it done soon (once I have made some more modifications to the template).

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You might also consider RCM-Re-engineered (RCM-R). Our method includes risk and various codes associated with reliability data interchange. We also include some of the math that you will find useful. 

I've been doing RCM since the mid-1980's (originally using military standards) and have found the functional approach to FMEA (as built into SAE JA-1011 compliant RCM methods) to be the most efficient. It is advisable to actually take some training though. Even reading the books (which are all quite good) won't be enough without practice. It's too easy to mis-interpret some of what is in the books and head off in the wrong direction. Training and a few pilot projects with experienced facilitators will get you off on the right foot. 

Templates for PMs are somewhat dangerous unless you know they were developed in an operating context very close to your own - be careful.

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