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Hello all, a few weeks back my maintenance manager asked me to compile a weekly email to send to all departments and all requiring info on the past weeks events (pm's, correctives, etc.) I made up this format to show the email recipients and my boos was happy with this. I would like some input as to improve this and I welcome all suggestions and insight from you all. As a side note, I do send out a excel sheet that is detailed with this information. Here is the email format I send out below and thank you all for your suggestions and I look forward to seeing all your replies.


Maintenance report for Central Facility (Ottawa)

Ø December 9 - 15, 2019 (see breakdown below)

Operator PM’s

Ø Central Meat -----100% complete   

Maintenance (monthly, quarterly, yearly PM’s)

Ø 62.50% complete

Ø 37.50% incomplete  

Corrective work orders (50 in total)

Ø 78.00% complete

Ø 22.00% incomplete (waiting on parts, etc.)

Contractor service requests

Ø 50.00% complete

Ø 50.00% incomplete (waiting on parts, etc.)

Building (compressor, generator PM’s)

Ø 100% complete

Back Log

Ø 5 work orders open

Work Order Year to Date Completion Percentage

Ø Corrective Work Orders: 97.62%

Ø Preventative Maintenance: 98.79%

Ø 2,540 work orders in total to date

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Hi @Ted,

I like the content of your report, maybe plant availability could be interesting as well. One more thing that I would add is not only the results, but the targets. FOr example:

Preventive Maintenance:

 - Result: 98.79%

 - Target: 99.00%

By doing that, everyone would have a clearer idea whether the results are good or not.

In addition, have you thought about using more graphics instead of text to show all this information? This could make the information more visual and attractive to people's attention. For instance:




Raul Martins

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