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Looking for Pneumatic conveying experiences

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This is my first experience in the commercial bakery industry.

I have spent the last year working out the bugs in a new bulk bag distribution system.  Pneucon vac system,  NBE manufactured towers etc.

I have had many challenges with the products we use here.  Flax flour and cocoa powder have proven to leave a great deal of retention in the rotary valves, vacuum lines and the hoppers above the mixers. The OEM of the system has been of little help in solving these issues.

I have had quite a bit of success installing Airsweeps, from Control Concepts in the hoppers and am currently reworking the rotary valve with my in house built air jets to keep material flowing as space constraints will not allow the install of self cleaning rotary valve.

If anyone here has been using similar systems to move oily products such as fine flax flower/ cocoa and wants to share, Please let me know.


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Hi @StanR,

I haven't worked in this industry, so I do not have expertise on such topics.

I had a quick look on Google and I found a few books that might be helpful:

     - Handbook of Pneumatic Conveying Engineering - By: David Mills; Mark G. Jones; Vijay K. Agarwal (2004);

     - Pneumatic Conveying of Solids - By G.E. Klinzing (2012).

Another tool that helps me sometimes when looking for a topic is Google Scholar. It has plenty of articles and studies that can give you an overview about a topic, or at least a direction about where to find more information. The link is https://scholar.google.com.au/ .


Raul Martins

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Thanks Raul,

I have been using this type of system for decades with other materials-- Chicken, pork, Fish,etc.  This is my first experience in the bakery venue and so far has been very interesting.  It seems that we are breaking ground in the Flax / Gluten free arena.   I have no problem with other materials- sugar-oats-tapioca- fine flax.

But this ultra fine ground flax is so oily it wants to adhere to any areas in the system that may have a "back eddy"  in the flow stream. ie, radius bends- certain spots in the hopper, magnetic boxes , rotary valve,  The industry is loaded with information on many materials and solutions to retention problems in this type of system.

Airsweep has just about eliminated the 40-90 lb retention and loss of product in the hopper above the mixer.  I have installed  clean out fittings in the lines near any 90-45 degree sweeps in the pipes for daily brushing at end of shift.

We have no room for self cleaning rotary valves in the system so I added threaded holes in the output (lower) side of the rotary valve and installed air jets here. These are fired by control outputs to the rotary valve motor.   An additional savings of at least 3 man hours a week and 80 - 300 lb loss of product.

I was just reaching out to see if anyone else is dealing with this issue;  I have to use all of my experience and all that I can borrow to get the job done at times.

I appreciate the input!







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