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Mohammed tawili

Rework KPI challenge

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Hi all ,

it is my pleasure to start hit the topic of rework KPI .Currently , it quite uncommon to see the rework KPI impact due to misunderstanding the knowledge about it.

Also Due to limited capability in CMMS that able to compare work orders based on the same failure codes for identifying reworks and is fully dependent on planner’s knowledge to whether flag it as rework or not , then there could be a trouble of wrongly flagging a rework or not recognizing it or simply not reporting it.

How would you verify the rework at your respective plants.


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Hi @Mohammed tawili,

Great topic!

Honestly, this is something that I always had problems with. Pretty much the same situation: companies relying on planners to flag the work order as a rework, which ends up not happening.

One thing that in my view influences this "not flagging" situation is culture.  If someone works at a place that failing is something unacceptable, people might be afraid of admitting something as a rework.

However, from a process perspective, I have no much experience about how to tackle it. I will try to see if I can find more information in regards to this and let's see if someone else has another perspective about this.


Raul Martins

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