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Hi all,

Still on the Planning and Scheduling topic, this week we will be discussing about the “S” from the “P&S” topic – Scheduling.

So, what is Scheduling?

Differently from Planning, that determines what work will be done and how, Scheduling is insuring the all the required resources will be available for maintenance at a specific moment, in order to have the least impact to operations.

Those resources are:

a) Personnel: availability of labor with the right skills to perform the job.

b) Material: components that will need to be used are at site.

c) Asset: ensuring that the piece of equipment will be available to be maintained.


In short, Scheduling is when and by whom.


One major stage of Scheduling is the job prioritization. Basically, this is how the Scheduler will ensure that the tasks that will be performed, are the ones that will have the least impact to operations.

It varies from company to company, but this step usually combines asset criticality (how critical is the asset for the company – in regards to safety, environment, production and maintenance) and the impact of not sorting out the issue (will it result in personnel injury? Will it stop production? Etc.).

Having a well-established Scheduling process is vital to ensure that the critical tasks are done at the right moment, avoiding issues such as downtime and low maintenance craft productivity.


How about you? Have you seen many scheduling issues before? Have you had the opportunity to tackle any scheduling issues?


Kind regards,

Raul Martins

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