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RBWS (Risk Based Work Selection)


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Hi @Herr Schneider,

To be honest, it is something that I have heard of, but never really worked with.

A quick search on Google brought me the links below:




http://www.bakerobrien.com/bakerobrien2/assets/File/APO - RAM Presentation 20081015.pdf


Hope this helps you.

If you find something, feel free to share here with us as well.


@Erik Hupje, do you have any experiences using RBWS?



Raul Martins

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Sorry @Raul Martins and @Herr Schneider missed this topic.

I do not have direct experience with what is referred to as Risk Based Work Selection, but I have been actively involved in scope reviews for major turnarounds and these were very much risk based. And very similar to what is described for RBWS in the Becht article in that it was a facilitated review of all turnaround scope with all technical experts in the room and consisted of a risk review of doing the scope in the outage, or not. What worries me in the article by Becht is that they look at benefits vs costs, but very often in heavy industry the turnaround scopes are around addressing integrity and process safety risks which can be hard to express in monetary benefits or people often find themselves risk assessing these risks away because the chance of them happening is so remote.

Instead I would simply use a 'standard' 5x5 risk assessment matrix and look at the risk reduction achieved by executing the scope during the outage and then qualitatively compare that against the incurred cost. And then look at the scenario where the scope is not executed in the outage.


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