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Condition Based Maintenance: Vibration Analysis

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Hi all,

Continuing our series of topics about condition based, this week we will discuss about another technique used as part of such strategy: Vibration Analysis.

What is Vibration Analysis?

It is a method of analyzing the performance of moving parts of a piece of equipment. The analysis takes place within the range of the change of dynamic forces that are continuously generated. Such forces will affect the vibrational level characteristic of each component (electronic or mechanical). Therefore, with the collection of these data it is possible to check anomalies on an online machine, such as:

• Unbalance of rotating parts;
• Misalignment of couplings and bearings;
• Bent shafts;
• Worn, eccentric, or damaged parts;
• Bad drive belts and chains;
• Damaged / bad bearings;
• Looseness;
• Rubbing;
• Aerodynamic and other forces.


What are the benefits of using Vibration Analysis as part of my strategy?

By using an effective vibration analysis strategy, maintenance costs will be reduced. This is because it is possible to predict when maintenance intervention is necessary, extending components' useful life. Add this to the increase in the efficiency of maintenance interventions, increase in equipment availability and increase in operational reliability.

Types of Vibration Analysis:

Global level vibration meter without filter: they are instruments capable of measuring the overall value of vibration over a wide frequency.

Frequency analyzers: used in cases where the filter width is very narrow, the frequency analyzer is capable of performing the Fourier Transform on a random, periodic or transient signal.

Vibration meter with filter frequency analysis: Identical to the previous one, except that the measured level shows the vibration of the most important components to be monitored.


How about you? Have you used vibration analysis before? Is it carried by your own team or a contractor?


Raul Martins

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We have been using this tool for years and it has saved the company countless downtime and expenses by catching items before the go catastrophic. The nice thing is that you can detect the issue in the early stage and plan the repairs instead of running to failure and being forced to shut equipment down at a less than desirable time. Myself and some colleagues have all been through the training at Technical associates of Charlotte and are ISO certified category 2. We have routes on all the equipment deemed critical and take vibration readings on a regular basis that way we can trend the equipment and recognize discrepancy's in the readings. 

    We also have a Vibration expert come in as needed to assist with the more in depth issues that may arise.

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Hi @Superman,

Good to hear that you have had positive results by using VA.

It is definitely a solid technique that allows maintenance department to play an strategic role on the business, instead of simply fixing when something has gone wrong.



Raul Martins

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