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What is your single biggest issue when it comes to Maintenance Planning & Scheduling?

Erik Hupje

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Hi @Fred Ward,

I have been through something similar in the best during small preventive shutdowns. Basically, we took two actions to try to improve this situation:

1- A Shutdown Planning meeting, where we discussed with the production supervisor every single task that would be done on that particular day and by what time we would need it ready for us, including a priorization of tasks, displaying which one should be ready first. After agreeing during the meeting, an email was sent with main topics discussed during the meeting, including the plant release time to everyone, including maintenance and production managers;

2- Making notes of every releasing plant time, especially for those tasks that were delayed due to not having the plant ready for maintenance. Then, another email used to be sent to everyone, including the maintenance and production managers, highlighting everything that went wrong during the shutdown, which includes tasks not completed on time due to plant release delays + by what time it was agreed to be released + actual time released.

Just be careful when sending email with this sort of information to make sure the operators will not feel atacked by the info, but as an impartial way of recording what went wrong.  Trying to understand the reason of not releasing the plant on time and trying to help them out solving these sort of problems when we could might be aa good option.

Hope this helps.


Raul Martins

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On 5/5/2020 at 11:36 PM, Fred Ward said:

My biggist problem at the moment is i can plan work but have problems with the permit office releasing plant for us to do the work.

This has been something I have experienced plenty of times, at different plants and in different parts of the world. In all cases the best approach I found was to really get Operations involved in the development of the Frozen Weekly Schedule and then have them present as part of a short, daily meeting where you review the work that was completed yesterday, is due to be completed today and what is scheduled tomorrow (we called it the YTT Meeting with YTT = Yesterday Today Tomorrow). And then at the end of each week report out what works was completed as per the Weekly Schedule and what did not get completed and what the main factors where e.g. extensive permit delays etc. Just as Raul says make sure you stick to data and facts and avoid issues becoming personal.

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