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Who has passed the CMRP exam?

Erik Hupje

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I took the exam and earned the CMRP in 2014. The concept that SMRP had was that it would be recognition of experience combined with expertise. There was an extensive reading list and at that time, I was unaware of any courses to help in preparation. The exam was intended and described as a recognition of accumulated expertise and experience. I believe it had meaning because you really needed to know your stuff to pass, SMRP did not endorse any courses that may have been aimed at getting one through the exam and as far as I know, that is still the case (although they do endorse training providers). The exam was long (as it is now), not too difficult if you had broad and deep experience, but people without experience would have struggled - and many did. Some colleagues (typically the less experienced) took more than one attempt to pass.

Since then I've seen several courses emerge to prepare people for the exam, often offered at the same venue and concurrently so that course participants could write the exam immediately. I've been asked by training organizations here in N America and overseas to teach such courses. Those organizations sell training and could earn fees on the coat-tails of a reasonably well recognized certification that they really had nothing to do with. I have consistently refused to teach such courses. I was perplexed to see that happening. In my opinion, such prep courses combined with the exam, cheapened the designation's meaning. It was being degraded from a recognition of experience and expertise, to a recognition of the ability to remember material over a short time frame, solely to pass an exam. Such short-cuts on real experience don't result in much retention of what is taught, so how much (aside from a designation) has one gained? I renewed my membership and designation, but eventually decided to allow both to lapse. While I believe SMRP to be a terrific organization, I've seen it do nothing to arrest the degradation of the meaning behind its CMRP designation. 

I also see similar certifications appearing and being awarded by for profit organizations, and in recognition of the completion of courses and passing of exams. That doesn't mean the individuals don't have the expertise and experience to earn some recognition, but there is no mechanism aside from payment of a fee and passing of an exam, to attest to that. Again, I believe the genuinely well qualified are being recognized along with those who are not so well qualified. Can such designations really be relied upon to mean very much? 

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Thanks for the post @UptimeJim 

I fully agree that one of the main merits of the CMRP certification is that it is meant to be experience based and not something you 'just' do a course for. Unfortunately because the certification is in such demand there are a lot of organisations offering those 3-5 day courses with the exam being held on the last day. And yes, I have seen and met a number of people who passed these exam based on courses like these which I think do not really have the depth of experience and expertise you would expect - or maybe I should say I would expect - from a CMRP. 

That said, I do believe the CMRP certification is a good thing for our profession as a whole. And when I am asked I typically do recommend doing it especially for those early in their career.

But, I have seen enough to know that having a CMRP certification is not enough for me to trust someone's technical credentials. 

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I passed the exam back in 2017 and will renew it again. I did not have any study material; however, I do have extensive experience in maintenance and maintenance practices. You need to be knowledgeable in many areas including CMMS, machine reliability, warehousing, etc.

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