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Condition Based Maintenance systems for Railway


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Hi Everyone. I am now doing some research for a company in Condition Based Maintenance. For this, I am looking into available Condition monitoring techniques and systems. The research focusses on the implementation of CBM ( Condition based maintenance) in the rolling stock branch. If anyone has some systems they would recommend that can be used to monitor the condition of rolling stock please leave a reply below. 

Till now I have found some sensors from SKF and also from Australian rail technology. The company is a leading company in the railway sector in the Netherlands so they have some previous knowledge of CBM and thus they are not a new company.   

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rolling stock is not my area of expertise but I did come across an article a while ago talking about using UT and Phase Array to inspect the wheels. Don't remember who the provider was but it might have been this:


And that lead me to this: https://www.railway-technology.com/contractors/track/ndt-technologies 

You may want to investigate the French & Japanese markets given they have pretty long-term experience with high-speed train technology

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Hi Shailin.

It's far from now, but 10 years ago, when i was working for a CAF company, we had a pilot project for measuring the wheels as the train was entenring the workshop.

It was developed in a Spanish company, but I cant recall the name.

It measured the flange of the wheel and maybe the width... the point was use CBM for sending it to (dont know the english word for that) refurbish the wheel? take out the materail that goes with the effort to the flange?

Sorry for not being of more help

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