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Backlog Management Process


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Hi @Romeo ANABA I guess there can be many reasons for backlog building up but it often is the result of a reactive maintenance organisation that is firefighting and running from failure to failure. 

When it comes to re-prioritisation of old work, using the RIME Method (Ranking Index for Maintenance Expenditures) has a benefit over the Risk Assessment Matrix (RAM) as using the RIME method you typically add points to the RIME score for every week since the work request was raised. This way even low priority work eventually rises to the top of the priorities.

If you don't use RIME but the RAM like you shared in your other post then the best approach to deal with backlog I find is to organise a weekly or bi-weekly backlog review meeting where you set priorities for the planner and agree which work orders should be planned next. This is especially important if your prioritisation is not really robust yet as you'll find that you can't really trust the assigned priorities in the CMMS.

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@Erik Hupje do you have more info, or examples of, on using RPN as I agree with your comment in regards to the benefits of it's use. I am currently employed as a Contractor Site Manager offering contract tradespersons to our client and they are stuck in a very reactive culture, yet won't admit it. I would be very interested in seeing an example of a RPN to learn more about the scoring. I am aligned with your thinking and logic in your "Road to Reliability" documents and want to use more to try and develop a more proactive culture at the site. It is often very difficult to get owners to listen when you are "only a contractor" so I would also be interested in hearing more if others have experience with leading a client from the eyes of a contractor versus client driven programs. Of course to do this the more data points and logically thought through initiatives, the higher the chance to succeed or proceed down the "Road to Reliability".



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